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ADHD Screening test

ADHD is reported to be present in between 2.5 to 4.3% of the adult population. It is often misunderstood and there are lots of people including physicians who believe that it does not really exist.

It requires a skilled clinician utilising a range of assessment tools including screening test such as the Adult self-rating scale (ASRS), objective tests such as the QbCheck combined with a thorough assessment taking into account history from your early years to come to a definite diagnosis

At the Midlands Mind Clinic, we can offer a thorough assessment to work out whether you do have ADHD. If you do, then a treatment package will be discussed with you. Prescriptions are available through the clinic or your GP if you so wish


This link will take you to the ADHD rating scales website.  Click on Adult self -report. Here you can search for – Dr Roji Thomas and complete your details. You will then be taken to the screening test. Answer the questions based on your how you have felt and conducted yourself in the past 6 months. Click on submit and a pdf of your results will be emailed to us. Do not forget to leave your contact details in the comments section. An email or telephone number should do. We will contact you to discuss the results.

Take the test today by following the link below .

What is QbCheck?

QbCheck is the first and only FDA approved computerised test for the diagnosis and monitoring of ADHD. This 20-minute objective ADHD test involves a series of performance tasks done under guidance on a computer which measures your ability to pay attention, impulse control whilst at the same time tracking your movements. The result gives a score of your attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. This is compared to people of your own age and gender, with and without ADHD. This informs the clinical assessment and also enables monitoring of your progress with ADHD medication.

This test is now available at the Midlands Mind clinic for a fixed price as part of a comprehensive assessment or as a stand alone test. You will receive a copy of the full report. Here is an example of a QbCheck report

Check out the QbCheck launch video for more information or visit the QbCheck site